If you are working toward your Master’s degree in English, you may wonder just what you will be able to do with this degree once you have graduated. Earning your Master’s offers a number of opportunities. Like the Bachelor’s program, a Master’s may offer specialties in studies like journalism, writing, literature and others. You should carefully consider what you want to do once you have obtained your Master’s so that you know what specialty you should pursue.

If you choose to pursue your Master’s with a concentration in journalism, you can focus on jobs like reporting, broadcasting and various other communications fields. Those who specialize in literature may need to choose a sub-specialty as well. For instance, you may want to study American literature or another form of literature. A Master’s degree in literature will prepare you in many areas to teach in private schools and colleges. Even if you are not studying education, most private schools will hire you to teach the subject for which you hold a Master’s degree. This may vary from state to state so it is a good idea to check your state’s requirements.

If you choose to pursue a Master’s in writing, you can work in a number of different fields. There are many sub-specialties in writing as well. Writing is a very broad field so it is often broken up into screenwriting, creative writing and other niches. Those with Master’s in writing can work in editing jobs, as freelance writers and in a number of other professions. They may also teach writing in private schools and universities or writing essays for money at writing service.

Master’s Degree in EnglishThere are currently many jobs open for those with Master’s degrees in English. Those who do choose to study English education will find it relatively easy to obtain employment as a teacher. Note that if you are planning to teach on the university level you will likely be required to obtain your doctorate but if you simply want to teach high school or private or junior college, a Master’s may suffice.

Before you begin your studies, take the time to look through job listings that require Master’s degrees in your field. There are many editing, publishing, media and other fields that hire English majors and many jobs require that you obtain your Master’s degree to qualify. You should understand that a Master’s degree in writing or literature can be very involved. Those obtaining a literature degree should expect to do a lot of reading. Those who want to major in writing should expect to learn about different types of writing and in both cases, you will likely need to publish a research paper by the end of your degree program.

Obtaining your Master’s degree in English, no matter what specialty you choose, can be very rewarding. There are a number of jobs for which you will qualify with this degree. It may be best for you to decide what you plan to do after you have completed your Master’s program and then plan your program around that career choice.